I've loved both  live music and photography since my mid teens, trying to combine them where possible by smuggling in my jeans and jacket an old second hand Praktica camera body and lens into concerts, usually by The Who or Eric Clapton, using a fast 1600 film to avoid having to use flash and give the game away. I'd then have the best shot blown up into an 18" x 12" poster print and send to the subject for signature, framing with concert ticket on return.  

I now prefer smaller, more intimate, venues to combine my photography and musical passions  and particularly love doing so in my current posting with the British Embassy in Moscow.

I am also a published writer and would welcome the opportunity to write articles for music magazines on the Moscow music scene, particularly blues music. It's very moving in these days of East/West tensions and sanctions etc to see Russian bands playing American music seven nights a week to Russian audiences who can't get enough of it!